I Feel Like Dancing

by Joe Jang

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released October 15, 2013

All songs written by Joe Jang
All songs performed by Joe Jang
Recorded by Joe Jang
Mixed and mastered by Dave Goetter
Album art by Jessica Carenco



all rights reserved


Joe Jang Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Greetings! I am a Kona (Hawaii) based singer-songwriter who wants to make you sing, dance and love with very little things. I hope that my music is something that can reach out to all peoples of all nations. During my journey of life, I have had opportunities to embrace many cultures as my own and my songs are reflections of what I have become through the process. One Love. Mahalo! ... more

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Track Name: I Feel Like Dancing Tonight
I feel like dancing tonight
I feel like flying tonight
I feel like a free person tonight
I feel like dancing tonight

<Verse 1>
I feel I feel I feel it deep inside of my heart
I am what I feel I am so long we've been apart
Isn't it about time that we say good bye to yesterday
Drop your baggage and say hurray
It's the celebration of liberation
Sensation of this vibration is
Positive I got rhymes to give
To kill the mischief of the negative
I'm gonna love tonight
I'm gonna give myself tonight

<Verse 2>
Freedom is here to give the healing of the mind
Separation is over now it's time for us to bind
Ironically you are here with me
Dancing to the beat in choreography
Here's the invitation to inspiration
Our imagination now brought new creation
I rehearse to converse through my every verse
Making our declaration to the universe
I'm gonna love tonight
I'm gonna give myself tonight

<Korean traditional beggar's chant>

Oh yeah oh yeah I'm coming in
The beggar that came and went last year
Failed to drop dead and came back again

Note: Traditionally, the beggars of Korea went around town singing this chant asking for food. They would also dance and bang on their bowls made out of gourds with their spoons. The purpose was more to annoy the heck out of the richer folks until they gave up some food.
Track Name: Quiet Times
In your quiet time I will find you
And in your darkest hours I will be your friend

I wanna find you in the most secret place

It's just me and you and no one else
Track Name: My Hawaii
You're like a sweet sweet dreams
You're like a sweet sweet dreams
You're like a sweet dreams come true
You're like a umm~

나만의 하와이 그리운 하와이
멀리 떠나버린 나의 사랑 하와이
다시는 못보겠지 난 항상 생각했지
멀게만 느껴지는 여기는 뉴욕씨티

<verse 1>
도심속에 끙킁앓는 차들 사이로 걷네
콧대 높은 뉴욕 스타일 나는 따라할수 없네
촌스러운 나의 스마일 현실은 용서하지 않네
외로운 만남속에 지쳐가네 난 돌아가고 싶네
돌아 갈수 없네 나는 느낄수가 없네
그대 잊을수가 없네 나는 돌아가야 하네

<verse 2>
기타를 타고 몰아치는 세상을 나는 써핑하네
고향없는 나그네 어디든 나의 집이라네
내사랑이 함께라면 나는 어디든 갈수있네
파도소리따라 나는 다시 돌아가고 있네
돌아 갈수 있네 나는 느낄수가 있네
그대 잊을수가 없네 나는 돌아가야 하네
Track Name: Take Me Away
La La La La~

Take me away from this city
Take me away from this place
Take me on a trip to a mountain
Take me along to the ocean

<verse 1>
The city is a big place
Bigger than it's purpose
Cause we don't know the purpose
I'm saying this on purpose
Our feet has gotten stupid
Stupider than the Cupid
Music we should use it
The teach not to abuse it
I have been brought up here to fit into this way of life
I am old enough to see that this place is a house of strife
In this system if you're poor you can't even get a wife
Then I learned that there was another way to live your life

<verse 2>
I said it's time for us make a change and you just ask me what for
I don't mean to disrespect but you don't know what you're in for
Every night I'm so lonely so many times my heart tore
The more I fall I wanna front and I got to act hard core
If you're soft than you better run cause you don't really belong here
Your feeling's waste of time so make your feeling disappear
So swipe your metrocard a billion times a year
And you better hustle right or you might disappear
All is structuralized and thus there is no change
None is naturalized so all is out of range
I'm so petrified cause I'm out of time
Then I realized the clock is out of time
Then I took a trip just an hour away
Took a rental car on a beautiful day
Then I found myself being carried away
By the feeling of freedom that my boss took away
Track Name: We Know Not
Oh my God what have we done
We know not where we come from

<rap 1>
Complain not thy spirit shall rot
Fruit of evil plot ends with someone shot
Just like a blood clot may not see it on spot
But when issue gets hot it's like connect the dot
Man what's deal what's the meaning of mass appeal
Are we being real is our rhymes heavenly sealed
Just rhyming to reveal about your garbage is like licking the peel
Sometimes and as you know we ought to sit back and chill
Sitting in front of the door thinking I gotta get more
Eating me live why my heart tore it's burning sore
Got to be missing something right at the core ya'll
JC sweated blood and water through pore
He did it willingly man wasn't a chore
But look at me like a fool wishing for more
Look at me like a fool wishing for more

<rap 2>
Peeps be sayin' life's boring not enough playing
Heart aching plus my boss ain't gone be paying
I feel like an ant standing next to trump tower
Gotta pay the bills got all the reason to be sour
Why live without power and be treated like a coward
Born a slave to the system making five per hour
But there's a flower full of potential waiting for shower
Everyone you're worth a lot more than money honey
Fighting the system? you can't fight it with money
Greed is the name we gots one weapon only
That is to give and give and give and that's the way to live
Believe and forgive eh yo world peace

<rap 3>
Develop what is national and make it international
Not only occasional or does it have to be rational
In fact you're out of your mind
To lose respect for your kind
You blinds watch for the end times
And prophetic rhymes
You got to represent and repent with your knees bent
Instead of running around like stray cats at every event
Don't forget your destiny foresight plan eternity
The statue of liberty did not protect New York City
Don't pity of get greedy get witty it's all shitty
The questions of life will be imposed and expose you
And force you to get on your toes so get down to compose
And infect with the truth with those that you oppose
And unite as you love with those that you chose
And unite as you love with those that you chose

You better recognize you better recognize
Who we are who we are

<rap 4>
Coming out to ya'll with the crazy dope beats
Keepin' the game steady just like the Heats ya'll
So many MC's shoppin' for Macy's
Copyin' what they see tryin' to be the low key
But ain't nobody these days got the message
Of the true passage livin' the life of a savage
Showin' of fat cleavage what a rampage
Don't care what they do as long as they paid
Their ambition to be the biggest man of the decade
To have more women lined up for sex parade
To perform what is called the booty charade
Defenseless oblivious to these evil raids
So stop and listen had enough of dissin'
I'm about to unfold the things that are untold
The lyrical translation of the epic of Jesus Christ
The one came down from sky just to pay the price
While you be stuffin' on your white rice and spice
He fulfilled the prophesy of the OT archives
Track Name: When I Listen To You Sing
<verse 1>
I'm just gonna stay tuned right here
Listen to your songs until the world disappear
I don't care about a thing
When I listen to you sing
When you think about it It don't really make sense
Cause nothing that I'm hearing feels like past tense
I just lose myself and swing
When I listen to you sing
You fly me on your wings

<verse 2>
I don't even care what the people say
I'ma stay here even til the end of days yeah
It's okay to stay put me on delay
Let the music stay the rest you can go away
I want more and more and more and more and more and more
I want more than what you can buy from the store
So close the door I am yours yeah it's for sure
Let it roar let it soar let it pour more yeah...
When I listen to you sing